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Forget what you think you know about escape games. Imagine an experience that looked, felt and sounded like you are the main characters and are integral to the story. Entering one of our rooms is like taking a break from reality and stepping into a whole new world of fantasy and adventure.


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6:00 PM - 9:30 PM
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Amnesia is the most immersive escape room we have ever visited. If you like puzzles or working with a team it is the ultimate experience!

The Rooms

Three rooms designed to excite and inspire.

The Disenchanted Forest

45 Minutes, 2 - 10 Players, $25 / Player

The enchanted forest has been overtaken by an evil force. The Tree of Life, which sustains the life of the forest, has gone dormant or might be dead already! Life in the forest is in complete disarray. An evil sorcerer has laid traps for those who come to the forest's rescue. You have 45 minutes to put things aright or you will become engulfed by the evil force yourself and remain trapped in the decrepit forest forever... This game uses universal language so people from anywhere in the world can participate. All ages. Players under 15 must be accompanied by an adult.

EhScape to Canada

45 Minutes, 2 - 10 Players, $25 / Player

Looking for a fun way to celebrate Canada's 150th birthday? How about a challenging escape game where you prove your Canadian qualities! Here’s the backstory: You’re trying to enter Canada through the Ottawa International Airport. Canadian Border Services’ passport computer network is down which has created much chaos and stress. The border guards have created an ingenious way to test your “Canadian-ness”. If you’re able to answer their quiz by showing your Canadian qualities of collaboration, cooperation, communication - and ingenuity! - and escape their office in 45 minutes, you’re in! If not, they’ll send you south of the border where, rumour has it, they are not all that welcoming to foreigners. All ages. Players under 15 must be accompanied by an adult.

The Lost Civilization

45 Minutes, 2 - 10 Players, $25 / Player

Evidence of a previously undiscovered ancient civilization has been uncovered in an archaeological dig here in our nation's capital. Details are being kept shrouded in secrecy, but rumour has it the findings of this discovery will shake our understanding of the universe as we know it to its very core. Luckily, you and your team of adventurers have an exclusive opportunity to investigate the elusive dig site and the secrets held within, thanks to an unscrupulous security guard who will grant you access for a price. Can you unlock the teachings of this highly evolved ancient society before the guard's night shift is over?


The perfect bonding experience for all groups!


Our rooms are designed as learning tools. All ages can have fun while learning and collaborating. We can accommodate up to 36 students at a time. Contact us to arrange a field trip.


Come party with us! We have a lounge that sits over 20 people and our reception area accommodates another 15. 18 more can be playing our escape games. We have glasses, bowls, plates and utensils for all your party needs. We are about the fun!


Escape games are a great way to team build or just get out and socialise together. We’ve designed our games with team building in mind. We have a lounge that sits over 20 people and our reception area accommodates another 15. 18 more can be playing our escape games. Open all business hours by appointment. Call us and see what we can do for your team!


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